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Sho-Me Power is currently in the process of constructing a third addition to our headquarters located in Marshfield, MO.  The new building will be two stories and approximately 11,500 square feet.  The building will include additional office space along with a new operations center.  Construction is scheduled to be completed by January 2021 and the facility fully operational by March.  The new facility will allow Sho-Me to better ensure the safety and reliability of the power system for our members.

Legislative Appreciation Dinner

On February 3rd, 2020, Sho-Me Power and our nine member distribution cooperatives hosted the fourth annual Legislative Appreciation Dinner. Nineteen legislators attended the dinner at O’Donoghue’s Steaks and Sea Food in Jefferson City, accompanied by forty-six cooperative employees and directors. The Legislative Appreciation Dinner enables members of the Missouri House of Representatives and Senate to dine with their constituent co-ops in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, it provides an opportunity to discuss the legislators’ efforts on behalf of Missouri Electric Cooperatives and to thank them for serving as our voice in Jefferson City.


On January 21st, Sho-Me hosted an Energy Efficiency 101 seminar directed by Scott Blue of Associated Electric Cooperative.  Scott spoke in depth to 28 representatives from several of Sho-Me’s member cooperatives about the details of the Take Control and Save program, giving them a better understanding of how to help their member owners take advantage of the many rebates offered by the program.  The Take Control and Save program was implemented in 2008 as a way to put members first by assisting them in making energy efficient purchases on new appliances, HVAC systems, lighting and more, which in turn will help lower their power bills and the overall demand on the AECI system.


On September 5th, the board and management from Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative in West Plains took a tour of Sho-Me’s Tunnel Dam Hydro Electric facility on the Niangua River near Camdenton. The day began with a brief history of the construction of the dam and power house, continued with an update from Chief Compliance Officer Peter Dawson on the current operating status of the facility, and concluded with a tour of the power house led by Substation Foreman Richard Newell.

Economic Development Work Planning

On August 22nd, in conjunction with representatives from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and Associated Electric Cooperative, Sho-Me Power hosted an Economic Development Work Plan (EDWP) kick-off meeting for Directors, General Managers, and staff of the nine Sho-Me Power member cooperatives. During these six month strategic load growth studies led by consulting firm Ady Advantage of Madison, WI, member cooperatives will receive assistance in assessing current economic strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within their distribution systems. Throughout that process, Ady Advantage will also be conducting interviews with commercial and industry leaders and meeting with economic development stakeholders from area communities. At the completion of the load growth study, customized EDWP’s will be provided by Ady Advantage to help guide each member cooperative in their future economic development activities.


On Wednesday, July 3, 2019, retired employees and guests gathered at Sho-Me Power Headquarters in Marshfield for the 4th Annual Retiree Reunion.  Human Resources hosted a buffet lunch followed by a Telecommunication update provided by Mark Keeling, Chief Technology Officer; an Engineering & Operations update by Chris Bolick, Chief Operating Officer and a video presentation excerpt from the Annual Meeting with behind-the-scenes details provided by Tim Lewis, Manager Member Services & Corporate Communications.  An opportunity was provided for questions following the presentations.

59 attendees were able to enjoy an afternoon reconnecting with friends and learning about new developments at Sho-Me Power.


On May 16th, 2019, Sho-Me Power hosted its 77th Annual Meeting of the Members. The meeting was a success, offering an insightful look back at the building of Sho-Me’s legacy and a look forward at improvements that will shape that legacy in years to come. Members were given detailed updates on the past year from Sho-Me’s power supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. David Tudor, Roger Clark, Joe Wilkinson, Sean Wright, Dave McNabb, and Brian Prestwood did a fantastic job of showcasing “The Associated Advantage” to the Members present.

Capitol Fish Fry

On Wednesday, April 24, Sho-Me Power and AMEC (the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives) held the 18th annual Legislative Fish Fry at the Capitol building in Jefferson City. It was a rainy day for a fish fry, which often seems to be the case this time of year, but Sho-Me, AMEC, and other Cooperative employees from around the state powered through. The event inside the Capitol proved a success, with coop representatives serving 630 pounds of fish to a crowd of more than 1100.


In November of 2018, we started a full turnkey Physical Security deployment for Gascosage Electric’s new and existing buildings. To date we have logged over 600 hours in technician labor, including access control, video surveillance, burglar systems, and fire protection devices.  Our system operation dispatchers will monitor these security systems after hours.  


On March 15th, Sho-Me held their 3rd annual Cooperative 101 class for new (and not so new) employees of our member cooperatives. This one day overview serves as an orientation to familiarize them with co-ops in general, with a more specific focus on Sho-Me, our power supplier Associated Electric Cooperative, Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives and NRECA. This year we had 29 attendees from seven different cooperatives whose time of service ranged from 40 years to five and a half weeks. After presentations by Joe Wilkinson from AECI, Chris Massman from AMEC, and several team members from Sho-Me, the group toured Sho-Me’s dispatch area and the Sho-Me Technologies Network Operations Center. Thanks to all who helped with this year’s event, and thanks to all who attended!


Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Recently one of Sho-Me’s sister G&T’s, M&A, experienced a failed bushing test on a transformer at their Doniphan substation. With extreme cold weather in the forecast, the bushing most likely would have failed when needed most, leaving the Doniphan substation struggling to carry the load with only one of its two transformers in service. Replacement parts from the manufacturer would not arrive in time to beat the incoming cold weather, so M&A reached out to Sho-Me for assistance. Fortunately, Sho-Me was able to provide a spare bushing that matched M&A’s needs, enabling them to have their transformer back on line before the weather hit. Thank you to M&A for reaching out and helping us present this great example of how cooperation among cooperatives ultimately benefits all of our members.


Last week, Sho-Me crews installed a mobile transformer at Bem in order to perform maintenance on the substation.  Crews plan to perform relay upgrades, perform maintenance on the transformer including the load tap changer, maintain the low volt main breaker, move transformer arresters, and move the battery bank from an outdoor vault to inside the control building.  The mobile transformer allows for normal operation of the substation while the upgrades take place.  The mobile will be in service at Bem for up to two months. 

Bi-annual information technologies meeting

On Thursday, January 17th, the Sho-Me IT infrastructure department hosted its bi-annual Member IT meeting. Sho-Me has hosted this meeting for the past six years as a way to promote interaction within the groups, share about current projects and trends, and provide updates on current Sho-Me initiatives.  This meeting included presentations on managed firewall services by Sho-Me Technologies and trends in cloud services from a representative of Huber and Associates.


On October 10th of 2018, Sides Construction was awarded the remodel of the Cape facility purchased for our Southeast communications. Sho-Me felt multiple upgrades could be made to the existing facility with safety and efficiency in mind.  Sho-Me’s Facilities team was involved in the early portion of the remodel through painting, laying new hardwood flooring, and supplying work areas for the communications workforce. Sides Construction began their portion of the work on January 7th, and by January 28th the work was completed, with all demolition and construction material hauled off site. The end result is a safer, more efficient facility for our employees’ everyday use.



In January, 2019 Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative contracted with TRC, an engineering and consulting firm, to begin the lengthy and complex process to coordinate its Federal license renewal with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the 90 years young Little Niangua Hydro Project.  This process includes numerous studies and coordination meetings with state and federal agencies, as well as the public, over a period of approximately six years, with the current license expiring in June of 2024.



Sho-Me Power continues to support members with several aspects of physical security design, implementation and support.  We are striving to deploy multiple turnkey solutions for members’ headquarter facilities this year that provide access control, video surveillance, and burglar systems. These efforts provide competitive low cost solutions compared with industry standards to help ensure protection from fire, burglary, theft, vandalism, and terrorism.   


On Friday, October 10, Sho-Me Power hosted the annual Legislative Appreciation Fish Fry at Bennett Springs.  While weather was less than ideal, it didn’t stop our Rural Electric Cooperatives from showing up and expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the elected officials who serve the great state of Missouri.  Among the guests were Fourteen Legislators and Legislative Assistants.  These elected officials are working hard at the legislative level to ensure that we can continue carrying out our mission of providing safe, reliable, low cost power for years to come and we greatly appreciate their efforts!



On August 14th Sho-Me crews removed the old oil-filled transformer from the roof of the Tunnel Dam Power House. Its replacement is a new dry-type transformer that eliminates the need for oil to operate and improves reliability of the facility. This new transformer takes away the possibility of an oil spill that could be caused by a mechanical failure or natural disaster and creates a safer ecosystem for the Niangua River. Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of October, making the Power House operational again and friendlier to the environment!

New Accounts Payable Process

Sho-Me Power has recently implemented a new automated electronic accounts payable system. Invoices are submitted to accounting department personnel in pdf form, and all packing slips or tickets are scanned to be attached to the electronic documents. Once the invoice files contain all supporting documents, they are added to the database, which routes them to the required parties within the company for approval. When approvers have checked the appropriate approval fields for an individual invoice, the document routes back to accounting department personnel for check preparation. After checks are written, electronic copies of the checks are linked to the accompanying invoices. This new system is designed to reduce paper waste, but it also saves time by eliminating the need to scan and manually file check and invoice copies.


Seven educators from our service area were enabled to attend the “Energy in Today’s Classroom” workshop thanks to sponsorship by Sho-Me. The training, held on July 25th-26th at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, covered topics such as energy basics, energy sources, power generation and transmission Economics and energy production, and energy efficiency.  We are grateful for these educators’ willingness to learn about our industry and pass that knowledge on to the students they teach.  Among the 7 were Vicki Welker from the Crawford Electric service area, Laura Bell from the Gascosage Electric service area, Jodi Burns from the Howell-Oregon Electric service area, Olivia Horton from the Laclede Electric service area, Aleth Rogers from the Se-Ma-No Electric service area, Zachary Fransten from the Southwest Electric service area, and Jacob Layne from the Webster Electric service area.

3rd Annual Retiree Luncheon

On Friday, July 6, 2018, retired employees and guests gathered at Sho-Me Power Headquarters in Marshfield for the 3rd Annual Retiree Reunion. Events began with a Welcome by CEO and General Manager, John T. Richards followed by a buffet lunch hosted by the Human Resources Department. Following lunch, Telecommunications and Engineering and Operations updates were provided by Mark Keeling, Chief Technology Officer and Chris Bolick, Chief Operating Officer with opportunities to answer questions.

53 guests had a wonderful afternoon rekindling friendships and discussing their many years at Sho-Me Power!

Neighborhood Wireless Launches in Rogersville, MO

Neighborhood Wireless, LLC; Sho-Me Technologies’ wireless internet subsidiary, launched service to customers in Rogersville, Missouri on June 4th.  Sho-Me employees have been working tirelessly to be ready for the commencement of the Rogersville project.  In preparation for the June 4th launch, Neighborhood Wireless (NWi) investigated various solutions to use for network management.   NWi has selected an innovative web-based solution called Sonar to manage customers, projects, billing, and the NWi network as a whole.  This powerful tool will allow NWi customers to access their accounts, see their utilization, payment history, etc. It will also allow a more automated approach to customer management which will allow NWi to more easily manage a large customer base without drastically increasing its staff.  This software is one of the first major steps in making NWi a successful venture for Sho-Me, its members, and its customers.

sUAS (DRONE) Training May 24th

On May 24th and 25th, Meridian Tech provided sUAS (drone) training to 9 Sho-Me Power employees including Linemen, Sub Mechanics, and Engineers.  We plan to use drones for many things including spot inspections, thermal imagery for hot spot detection, and 3D modeling.  We have high hopes for the implementation of a drone program at Sho-Me Power and it is exciting to see new tools and technology make our mission of delivering Safe, Reliable, Low Cost power more achievable than ever.

Annual Meeting May 16, 2018

Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative celebrated its 76 years of service to its cooperative membership by hosting its Annual Meeting in Branson, Missouri on May 16, 2018.  Over 120 representatives and friends of Sho-Me Power were in attendance as Sho-Me met to review the results of 2017 and elect three directors (Dan Singletary representing Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Carmen Hartwell representing Gascosage Electric Cooperative and Marc Roecker representing Laclede Electric Cooperative) to serve on the Sho-Me Power Board of Directors for a three year term.  Links to the printed 2017 Annual Report and the 2017 Year in Review Video may be used to access the information reviewed during the Annual Meeting.