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On October 25, 2021,  students from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade at Swedeborg elementary school were able to attend Gascosage Electric’s  first “Camp Co-op”.  The campers were able to learn about several things throughout the day including renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and drone usage in the electrical industry.  They were even able to see live demonstrations of a pole being set, right of way crews working, and a pole-top rescue.  Sho-Me was happy to assist in “Camp Co-op” and we look forward to future camps with all of our member cooperatives.


On August, 28th Hurricane Ida made landfall wreaking havoc on the DEMCO electric system near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  On August, 31st Sho-Me dispatched a crew of  6 linemen to the area  to assist in the restoration efforts. At the peak of the outage, 95% of DEMCO’s members were without power.  Sho-Me Crews Spent two weeks in Louisiana alongside other Co-op’s rebuilding the miles of destroyed transmission lines, demonstrating both concern for community and cooperation among cooperatives, two of the seven cooperative principals.


Sho-Me Power is currently in the process of constructing a third addition to our headquarters located in Marshfield, MO.  The new building will be two stories and approximately 11,500 square feet.  The building will include additional office space along with a new operations center.  Construction is scheduled to be completed by January 2021 and the facility fully operational by March.  The new facility will allow Sho-Me to better ensure the safety and reliability of the power system for our members.

Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative

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