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Schedule an Electrical Safety Program for Secondary Grades or Community Events

Some quick facts about the secondary programs:

  • Sho-Me Power serves 9 electric cooperatives covering 27 counties in southwest and south central Missouri. Within this territory, one electrical safety educator serves 6-12th grades.
  • Programs include demonstrations, videos, PowerPoint visuals and interaction with the students and cover the following topics:
    • For 6-9th grade science programs:  “Electrical Safety and Renewable Energy” 
    • NEW THIS YEAR 2017-2018 For high school Agriculture Education, Industrial Technology Education, and Building Trades Programs:  “Dig Safely”, "Greenhouse Safety", "The Cooperative Way", and "Animals and Electricity"
  • All teachers receive an email invite.
  • Groups should be no larger than 75 students or 2-3 classes combined (acoustics and venue may affect the number of students in a single group). Please feel free to schedule multiple days if needed to cover all of your classes.
  • The presentation space needs to be free of distractions.
  • The presenter will need a sturdy table for presentation boxes and an available outlet for power.

Some quick facts about scheduling community programs:

  • Presentations specific to civic or community groups are offered. You may book a date and time (evenings are possible) but please contact the presenter directly as soon as possible to clarify the needs of the group.

 To schedule follow these simple steps:

  1. On the calendar below, shaded dates are already booked and unshaded dates are available.
  2. Fill out all of the fields in the form below the calendar.
    • In the Details box, include the dates you are requesting, your school, and your schedule.
  3. Click the Send button. Your request will be sent for approval and you will receive a confirmation email shortly. If you have any difficulties scheduling, please contact Becky McGoon at or call 417-859-2615 ext. 2910, or you may call or text at 1-417-844-0993.