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On August 14th Sho-Me crews removed the old oil-filled transformer from the roof of the Tunnel Dam Power House. Its replacement is a new dry-type transformer that eliminates the need for oil to operate and improves reliability of the facility. This new transformer takes away the possibility of an oil spill that could be caused by a mechanical failure or natural disaster and creates a safer ecosystem for the Niangua River. Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of October, making the Power House operational again and friendlier to the environment!

New Accounts Payable Process

Sho-Me Power has recently implemented a new automated electronic accounts payable system. Invoices are submitted to accounting department personnel in pdf form, and all packing slips or tickets are scanned to be attached to the electronic documents. Once the invoice files contain all supporting documents, they are added to the database, which routes them to the required parties within the company for approval. When approvers have checked the appropriate approval fields for an individual invoice, the document routes back to accounting department personnel for check preparation. After checks are written, electronic copies of the checks are linked to the accompanying invoices. This new system is designed to reduce paper waste, but it also saves time by eliminating the need to scan and manually file check and invoice copies.


Seven educators from our service area were enabled to attend the “Energy in Today’s Classroom” workshop thanks to sponsorship by Sho-Me. The training, held on July 25th-26th at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, covered topics such as energy basics, energy sources, power generation and transmission Economics and energy production, and energy efficiency.  We are grateful for these educators’ willingness to learn about our industry and pass that knowledge on to the students they teach.  Among the 7 were Vicki Welker from the Crawford Electric service area, Laura Bell from the Gascosage Electric service area, Jodi Burns from the Howell-Oregon Electric service area, Olivia Horton from the Laclede Electric service area, Aleth Rogers from the Se-Ma-No Electric service area, Zachary Fransten from the Southwest Electric service area, and Jacob Layne from the Webster Electric service area.

3rd Annual Retiree Luncheon

On Friday, July 6, 2018, retired employees and guests gathered at Sho-Me Power Headquarters in Marshfield for the 3rd Annual Retiree Reunion. Events began with a Welcome by CEO and General Manager, John T. Richards followed by a buffet lunch hosted by the Human Resources Department. Following lunch, Telecommunications and Engineering and Operations updates were provided by Mark Keeling, Chief Technology Officer and Chris Bolick, Chief Operating Officer with opportunities to answer questions.

53 guests had a wonderful afternoon rekindling friendships and discussing their many years at Sho-Me Power!

Neighborhood Wireless Launches in Rogersville, MO

Neighborhood Wireless, LLC; Sho-Me Technologies’ wireless internet subsidiary, launched service to customers in Rogersville, Missouri on June 4th.  Sho-Me employees have been working tirelessly to be ready for the commencement of the Rogersville project.  In preparation for the June 4th launch, Neighborhood Wireless (NWi) investigated various solutions to use for network management.   NWi has selected an innovative web-based solution called Sonar to manage customers, projects, billing, and the NWi network as a whole.  This powerful tool will allow NWi customers to access their accounts, see their utilization, payment history, etc. It will also allow a more automated approach to customer management which will allow NWi to more easily manage a large customer base without drastically increasing its staff.  This software is one of the first major steps in making NWi a successful venture for Sho-Me, its members, and its customers.

sUAS (DRONE) Training May 24th

On May 24th and 25th, Meridian Tech provided sUAS (drone) training to 9 Sho-Me Power employees including Linemen, Sub Mechanics, and Engineers.  We plan to use drones for many things including spot inspections, thermal imagery for hot spot detection, and 3D modeling.  We have high hopes for the implementation of a drone program at Sho-Me Power and it is exciting to see new tools and technology make our mission of delivering Safe, Reliable, Low Cost power more achievable than ever.

Annual Meeting May 16, 2018

Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative celebrated its 76 years of service to its cooperative membership by hosting its Annual Meeting in Branson, Missouri on May 16, 2018.  Over 120 representatives and friends of Sho-Me Power were in attendance as Sho-Me met to review the results of 2017 and elect three directors (Dan Singletary representing Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Carmen Hartwell representing Gascosage Electric Cooperative and Marc Roecker representing Laclede Electric Cooperative) to serve on the Sho-Me Power Board of Directors for a three year term.  Links to the printed 2017 Annual Report and the 2017 Year in Review Video may be used to access the information reviewed during the Annual Meeting.